Character Dialogue
C-woody-nbc Hey, Bo Peep! How's Halloween treating you?
C-bo peep-nbc Pretty good, I guess... I dunno; I kinda thought there'd be more dancing! You know, like in the classy kind of horror movies...
C-bo peep-nbc Everyone's always waltzing, dressed to the nines... And sure, a monster shows up halfway through, but 'til then, it's romantic!
C-woody-nbc You always DID like a good period piece... Well, I don't know about monsters -- but I'd be happy to dance with you anyway!

Danse Macabre

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Send Woody and Bo Peep to dance to a Halloween tune.
"Spooky Waltz"
4h M-xp5, Update-5-m-currency50
C-bo peep-nbc
Character Dialogue
C-woody-nbc That was great! Hope I wasn't THAT bad of a dance partner
C-bo peep-nbc Oh, Woody, you were wonderful... But I kept thinking a chandelier was gonna crash down somewhere at the end!
C-woody-nbc What can I say... I'm a fan of the classics!


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