Costume Shop is an attraction released with the Halloween Event Update on 12th October 2016. It is unlocked during the Fabric Searching quest.


You can now collect Fabrics from various character activities, as well as all Enchanted Chests, to craft spiffy new costumes for Mickey and Friends. With costumes, your characters can perform new activities and show off some amazing animations.


Costume Requirements Cost Time
Halloween Daisy Duck T-daisy-220 T-f-purple10 T-f-green dot10 M-magic20,000 60m
Halloween Donald Duck T-donald-225 T-f-white blue pattern15 T-f-orange pattern15 M-magic75,000 60m
Halloween Minnie Mouse T-minnie-225 T-f-purple15 T-f-red striped15 M-magic50,000 60m
Pirate Mickey Mouse M-magic50 30s
Tuxedo Mickey Mouse M-gem120 Instant
Limited Time Costume
Easter Goofy T-goofy-215 T-f-green dot10 T-f-red striped10 M-magic10,000 60m
Easter Mickey Mouse T-mickey-215 T-f-green dot10 T-f-white blue pattern5 M-magic15,000 60m
Easter Minnie Mouse M-gem60 Instant
Easter Pluto M-gem60 Instant
Formal Dress Belle T-batb6 T-belle-28 T-f-gold floral3 Update-9-m-currency3,000 60m
Formal Suit Beast T-beast-212 T-beast-310 T-f-gold floral8 Update-9-m-currency10,000 60m
Halloween Goofy T-goofy-220 T-f-blue15 T-f-green dot10 Update-5-m-currency6,500 60m
Halloween Mickey Mouse T-mickey-23 T-f-blue1 Update-5-m-currency650 60m
Holiday Mickey Mouse T-mickey-23 T-f-blue2 Update-7-m-currency500 60m
Holiday Minnie Mouse T-minnie-250 T-f-blue35 T-f-green dot35 Update-7-m-currency10,000 60m
Lunar Mickey Mouse T-mickey-26 T-f-silver floral3 T-f-blue2 Update-8-m-currency800 60m
Lunar Minnie Mouse T-minnie-225 T-f-silver floral15 T-f-blue10 Update-8-m-currency6,000 60m



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