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Beauty and the Beast, Chip and Dale Update

Welcome Beast, Belle, and other beloved characters in the latest update

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Beauty and the Beast, Chip and Dale Update

Beast, Lumière, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts and Chip were planning a beautiful outdoor ball for Belle when the villainous Gaston arrived to ruin their plans! Help save the day and collect exclusive limited-time content in the new month-long event!

New Content

Story Quests

New Characters

New Costumes

New Attractions

New Concessions
Note: Some of these may only be available at a later time.

New Decorations

New Land Expansions

  • 1 new plot of land.

New Float


Be Our Guest Event

DMK 1st Year Anniversary Celebration

  • March 17th marks our 1 year anniversary! To celebrate, we’re kicking off with various events:
  • 1st Anniversary Gifting: Login to the game every day between March 11-17 to receive a special gift from us, including the exclusive Enchanted Tiki Room, for free! Trust us, you don’t want to miss out on this newest attraction.
  • Loyalty Gifting: If you played DMK for 50 hours or more, OR installed the game anytime in March 2016, you will receive a free DMK Anniversary Hat Stand for being a loyal player! Login anytime between March 18-26 to claim yours.
  • Mickey Costume Contest: Want to win Mickey's new Tuxedo costume? This will be your chance! * The contest opens on March 24, so make sure to check back with us here on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


  • Welcome Merlin into the Kingdom and use his spells to bring more magic back to your Kingdom!
  • Use Merlin's Collector Spell to speed up collecting, as it will collect all resources from buildings that are ready to collect from!
  • Low on Happiness? Use Merlin's Happiness Boost Spell to raise the Happiness level of your Kingdom!
  • To stop your Happiness from dropping, use Merlin's Happiness Shield Spell!

Game Balances & Changes

Most of the balancing and changes for the attractions and character activities have been made to reflect the new content being added including: Be Our Guest Event, Chip 'n Dale characters, and Merlin's Magical Spells.

Enchanted Chests M-check

Attractions M-check

Character Activities & Tokens M-check