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Disney Magic Kingdoms Concession Stands

Concession Cost Collect Rewards per Hour
Burger Stand M-magic450 6m M-xp10 M-magic20
Mickey's Hat Emporium M-magic1,250 60m M-xp3 M-magic20
Pretzel Stand M-magic1,750 2h M-xp2.5 M-magic17.5
Churro Stand M-magic2,600 6h M-xp2.5 M-magic12.5
Partysaurus Party Supply M-magic2,400 4h M-xp1.75 M-magic16.25

Concession Cost Collect Rewards per Hour
1-Stop Apprentice Shop M-gem35 60m M-xp5 M-magic35
DMK Anniversary Hat Stand M-gem60 60m M-xp5 M-magic55

Concession Cost Collect Rewards per Hour
Anniversary Hat Stand M-gem200 45m M-xp13.33 M-magic60
Frozone's Sno-Cone M-gem60 6m M-xp10 M-magic50
Sparkler Concession M-gem60 2h M-xp3.5 M-magic27.25
Cackling Concession M-gem60 2h M-xp3.5 M-magic20
Patisserie FREE 60m M-xp3 M-magic20
Bakery FREE 2h M-xp2.5 M-magic17.5
Ramen Concession FREE 2h M-xp2.5 M-magic17.5
Croissant Stand FREE 6h M-xp2.5 M-magic15.83
Ice Cream Stand M-gem60 6h M-xp2.5 M-magic15.83
Soda Concession FREE 8h M-xp1.87 M-magic15.63
Creperie M-gem60 4h M-xp1.75 M-magic18.75
Hot Chocolate Stand M-gem75 4h M-xp1.75 M-magic18.75
Bunny Ears Hat Stand M-gem50 4h M-xp1.75 M-magic17.50
Turkey Legs Concession FREE 12h M-xp1.25 M-magic11.66
St. Patrick's Day Hat Stand M-gem50 24h M-xp0.83 M-magic8.33
Earth Day M-gem60 24h M-xp0.83 M-magic8.33

Concession Stands

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