Character Dialogue
C-mickey mouse Hey, Daisy! Are you going to see the show at the PhilharMagic?
C-daisy duck I wish I could, Mickey. But I have to get to work.
C-daisy duck The changes I made to the menu have been so popular I can't keep up with all the customers.

Breakfast, All Day

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-daisy duck
Level ?
Ask Daisy to flip some flapjacks. *
"Flip Some Flapjacks"
4h M-xp13, M-magic110

* Requires Daisy's Diner

Character Dialogue
C-daisy duck Success is exhausting! I guess I should appreciate this little moment of rest while I have it.
C-daisy duck Well, break's over!
C-daisy duck Time to flip more flapjacks and toss more salad.