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Mary Gibbs, better known as Boo, is the tritagonist in Disney/Pixar's 2001 animated film, Monsters, Inc.

Boo is a three-year-old toddler who is curious and naive. She can speak, but has a baby, gibberish vocabulary. The only actual words she says in the film are "Boo!", "Kitty!" and "Mike Wazowski!". Boo is unafraid of any monster except Randall, the scarer assigned to her door. She believes Sulley is a large cat and refers to him as "Kitty".

The book based on the film gives Boo's "real" name as Mary Gibbs, the name of her voice actress. In the film, one of Boo's drawings is covered with the name "Mary".


Level Requirements Time Rewards
Welcome M-gem395 Instant M-cross
Level 2 T-monsters inc2 T-boo-21 M-magic850 36s M-gem1, M-xp10
Level 3 T-monsters inc3 T-boo-22 M-magic1,300 6m M-gem1, M-xp12
Level 4 T-monsters inc4 T-boo-22 T-boo-31 M-magic1,950 35m M-gem1, M-xp14
Level 5 T-monsters inc5 T-boo-23 T-boo-31 M-magic2,550 60m M-gem2, M-xp16
Level 6 T-monsters inc6 T-boo-24 T-boo-32 M-magic3,300 2h M-gem2, M-xp18
Level 7 T-monsters inc7 T-boo-25 T-boo-33 M-magic4,300 4h M-gem3, M-xp20
Level 8 T-monsters inc8 T-boo-26 T-boo-34 M-magic5,600 8h M-gem3, M-xp22
Level 9 T-monsters inc9 T-boo-28 T-boo-36 M-magic7,300 16h M-gem3, M-xp24
Level 10 T-monsters inc10 T-boo-210 T-boo-38 M-magic9,500 24h M-gem5, M-xp26

Lvl Task + Time Rewards Tokens
1 Make Some Friends 60m M-xp7, M-magic40 T-monsters inc T-sulley-2 T-boo-2
1 Explore Some Doors
* Mike and Sulley to the Rescue
2h M-xp10, M-magic75 T-roz-2
7 Sneak Up on Guests 2h M-xp10, M-magic75
1 Laugh Along
* Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor
4h M-xp13, M-magic110 T-mike wazowski-2 T-sulley-3 T-randall boggs-3
4 Surprise Guests
* Cyclops Sushi
6h M-xp16, M-magic155 T-celia mae-2
10 Chase Kitty M-c-sulley
Lvl ?
8h M-xp25, M-magic270
2 Look for Secret Treasure 12h M-xp29, M-magic275

Lvl Task + Time Rewards
Honey Tree Troubles Event 2018
2 Look for Secret Treasure 12h M-xp29, Update-18-m-currency75
Snow White Event 2017
2 Look for Secret Treasure 12h M-xp29, Update-16-m-currency75
A Merry Unbirthday Event 2017
2 Look for Secret Treasure 12h M-xp29, Update-15-m-currency110
This Is Halloween Event 2016
7 Sneak Up on Guests 2h M-xp10, Update-5-m-currency55
The Incredibles Event 2016
1 Make Some Friends 60m M-xp7, Update-2-m-currency50


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