Character Dialogue
C-minnie mouse Oh, I just love gardening! I missed my plants so much while I was gone.
C-minnie mouse But now that I'm back, I can really DIG into my flower beds again. Hee-hee!

At Your Brightest, Pt. 1

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-minnie mouse
Level 2
Send Minnie to garden and sing to the plants.
"Maintain the Gardens"
4h M-xp25, M-magic150
Character Dialogue
C-minnie mouse La, la, la, la, la! That's right pretty petunias, you just follow my voice and grow, grow, grow!
C-mickey mouse Uh, Minnie? Are you singing to the plants again?
C-minnie mouse Of course I am. How else would they know which way to grow?
C-minnie mouse Goodness, things have been so busy that I haven't had any time to catch up with my friends.
C-minnie mouse I know! I'll surprise them at the Kingdom's gates!

At Your Brightest, Pt. 2

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-minnie mouse
Level 2
Send Minnie to catch up with old friends.
"Gossip with Guests"
16h M-xp40, M-magic225
Character Dialogue
C-minnie mouse My friends had so much to tell me. I can't believe what happened her while I was gone.
C-minnie mouse I feel so much better now that I'm back in the loop!
C-minnie mouse Mickey, my friends told me more about what happened here while I was gone. It must have been so stressful!
C-mickey mouse Yeah, I was real worried, especially about you!
C-minnie mouse Well I'm here now. Together, I know we can make everything better!

At Your Brightest, Pt. 3

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-minnie mouse
Level 2
Send Minnie to spend some time with Mickey.
"Spend Time with Mickey"
24h M-xp55, M-magic300
C-mickey mouse
Level ?
Character Dialogue
C-minnie mouse It was nice getting to spend time with you today, Mickey.
C-minnie mouse In fact, I think we should make it a regular date!
C-mickey mouse Sounds great! But for our next date, can we maybe get dinner? Weeding a flower garden doesn't seem like much of a date to me.
C-minnie mouse Poor Mickey. He just doesn't understand the therapeytic value of gardening.


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