Character Dialogue
C-hiro-bh6 Wasabi! Those battle bots ARE running my microbots' code -- but a new version of it! It's like it kept iterating on itself...
C-hiro-bh6 It's coordinating ALL those bots' behaviors now -- Yokai's bots included! And the code's spreading to any other tech in range...
C-wasabi-bh6 Hiro... I'm only going to ask you this once. Did you create a self-replicating killer robot hive mind by accident?
C-wasabi-bh6 Because if you DID, then, real talk: I am going to be VERY upset with you.
C-hiro-bh6 Aheh... Yeah. We'll... uh... probably have to gather some more data before I can answer that.

Are You SURE?

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 3
Collect all Blueprints.
Instant M-xp5, Update-21-m-currency50
Collect all Wires.
Character Dialogue
C-hiro-bh6 Yep. It's a hive mind. A self-replicating killer robot hive mind spontaneously created itself out of my microbot code. Great.
C-honey lemon-bh6 I know, right?! If you leave out the "killer" part, that speaks REALLY highly of your programming skills, Hiro!
C-hiro-bh6 ... I was being sarcastic, Honey Lemon.
C-honey lemon-bh6 Oh... I'm sorry. I still have nothing but respect for your work, though!
C-hiro-bh6 Thanks, Honey. At least I'll be good at taking this thing apart!