Character Dialogue
C-jessie Woody, I been thinkin'. I'm having a lot of fun, but--
C-woody Me too, Jessie! Just you and me working together and--
C-jessie But I'd be having more fun if ALL our friends were here.
C-woody You're right. But look, if we keep makin' this place the way it used to be, more of our friends will find their way here.

Always on My Mind

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 2
Send Jessie to dance the Hey-Howdy-Hey.
"Dance the Hey-Howdy-Hey"
45s M-xp5, M-magic50
Send Jessie to yodel in the streets.
"Yodel in the Streets"
Character Dialogue
C-jessie Hey, did anyone show up while I yodeled?
C-woody Well, it's not an instant fix, Jessie.
C-jessie If it's even working at all.
C-jessie Is anyone her now? ... What about now?