Character Dialogue
C-buzz lightyear Woody, we still can't find Zurg, but I thought there might be some useful information in my daily log.
C-woody Good idea! The other Buzz kept very detailed notes on his missions. Maybe he saw something.
C-buzz lightyear Other Buzz? Oh yes, Jessie told me. He sounds intriguing... I'm on it!

Always Alert

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-buzz lightyear
Level 5
Get Buzz to review his log at Astro Orbiters. *
"Space Orbiting"
2h M-xp15, M-magic100

* Requires Astro Orbiters

Character Dialogue
C-woody So? Did the other Buzz have anything useful on our hunt for Zurg?
C-buzz lightyear Perhaps, but I'll never know.
C-woody Why not?
C-buzz lightyear I don't speak Spanish.
C-buzz lightyear Maybe this explains the dancing...