Character Dialogue
C-goofy-batb Okay, Mickey... *yawn* ... Third hour of trumpet practice. Just have to... *yawn* ...go over the scales a few more times. Ready... set...
C-mickey mouse-batb PFFFFFFFFT--!
C-goofy-batb Gawrsh, Mickey... that didn't sound like any scale I'VE heard of! Maybe you should go home and rest your trumpet-playin' face...
C-mickey mouse-batb Aw, you're right, Goof. I can't make the Kingdom more musical if I'm too tired to play!

A Well-Earned Rest

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-mickey mouse-batb
Level 2
Send Mickey to take a break at Home. *
"Take a Break at Home"
12h M-xp5, Update-9-m-currency50

* Requires Mickey's House

Character Dialogue
C-mickey mouse-batb Ahhh... that's much better! Thanks for the tip, Goof -- and get your tuba! I'm all rested up and ready to play!
C-mickey mouse-batb ... Goof?
C-goofy-batb *Zzzzzzzzzzz...*
C-mickey mouse-batb Wow... looks like he decided to take his own advice!