Character Dialogue
C-buzz lightyear During a crisis, a Space Ranger toy never shirks his duty. There's no time for rest when any child's happiness is at risk.
C-buzz lightyear Woody and Jessie think they can indulge in playtime and take naps. I just don't understand it.

A Day on the Job

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-buzz lightyear
Level 1
Send Buzz to scan the area.
"Scan Area with Laser"
30s M-xp15, M-magic100
Ask Buzz to do surveillance at Astro Orbiters. *
"Stake Out Astro Obriters"
Ask Buzz to make a report.
"Report to Star Command"

* Requires Astro Orbiters

Character Dialogue
C-woody Take a break, Buzz. If you keep going like this, you'll be no good to anyone.
C-buzz lightyear No, Woody! There's danger out there! You may not care, but I do.
C-buzz lightyear I shouldn't have yelled at Woody. I know he cares as much as I do. Maybe I am tired.