Pirates of the Caribbean Update

New Adventures & Treasures abound in the latest update

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Pirates of the Caribbean Update

Pirates of the Caribbean has arrived, boasting brand new characters, buildings, and float to enjoy!

Will Turner comes to the kingdom after being persuaded to help search for Jack’s missing ship. He teams up with Elizabeth when they realize there is something more than a missing ship to deal with...and a need to seek out a certain Captain for more information. The crew will have to search for hidden treasures with your help.

Embark on this new adventure in Act 2!

New Content

Story Quests

  • 30 New Quests

New Characters

New Attractions

New Decorations

New Land Expansions

New Float



Enchanted Chests

Game Balances & Changes

Known Issue

Due to visitor-related bugs, wishes have been temporarily removed from the following activities:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Enchanted Chests were showing blank timers and Gem prices.
  • Resolved Enchanted Chest spawn issue.
  • Corrected the time tampering related ban criteria.
  • Various fixes to Enchanted Chest timers and Magic Scaling.
  • Character quests should now appear correctly for The Incredibles characters.
    • Note: Players who had previously completed part or all of The Incredibles character quests may see the same quests appearing again. Not to worry, this does not mean your progress has been lost in the Mega Event!
  • The visual glitch that caused a “mustache” on Boo has been fixed.

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